Fashion and Beauty

Know Its Worth: Jewelry Appraisal

When looking to sell any jewelry, it always helps when you know the value of your jewelry. A professional jeweler can effectively look at your jewelry and appraise it, to let you know the value of your piece. Sometimes, servicing and cleaning your jewelry before [Read More]

Diversifying Your Wardrobe

Our fashion sense is an extension of our personality. That said, you do not want to be stuck on a one-note type of fashion. You want to be a stylish trendsetter and have as many options as possible. Having a diversified wardrobe makes you ready [Read More]

Hallyu: The Elements of Korean Fashion

In the late 1990s, Chinese press described the growing popularity of Korean pop culture as the “Korean Wave” or “Hallyu” in Hangul. Today, a growing number of people across the globe are also fascinated with Korean television dramas, movies, music, and even food. The new [Read More]