The Basics of Denture Repair

If you're looking for a way to replace missing teeth, you'll find many options but dentures are a cost effective and painless way to deal with the problem. But what happens when the denture breaks? Let’s take a look. Dentures are tough but they are [Read More]

Senior Problems: The Ailments of Old Age

The body starts to deteriorate or in some cases, like cancer, attack itself as it age. You may have all the supplements, medications, and recommended diet to promote a healthy body, but you can't escape aging and the ailments it brings.  Learning what these are [Read More]

Oral Care Hacks for Parents of Young Children

Consulting with a pediatric dentist should be part of the early childhood milestones of your toddler. Childhood is an exciting time for the entire family. It is also the time for first dental cavities, which can be a painful and traumatic rite of passage. Here are guidelines [Read More]

Yes, You Can Enjoy Workout at Home

Whoever said health is wealth, probably knows it really is. Just scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll see ladies and gents flaunting their chiseled abs. Bikini pictures are clad with #fitspiration comments, and salads never looked so good (flat lay game strong). Social media [Read More]