The Handyman

Why the Advice of Elevator Consultants Is Essential

Choosing the right lift is essential for the safe transportation of people in apartments and commercial establishments. Experienced consultants and their services are required to ensure safer lifts, considering the number of persons to be carried and the speed of the structure. After all, lifts [Read More]

Safety at Work: Proper Training for Riggers

The most dangerous jobs in the world are those which involve big machines. That is why people who work in these environments should have the best safety training possible to reduce the risks of accidents. Whether it is to lift heavy machinery and packages of [Read More]

What to Consider When Installing Smoke Alarms

Properties that are being used as rentals are required to have a smoke alarm properly fitted. Installing a smoke alarm is one key aspect of local building codes that cannot be ignored. Property owners can be legally liable by failing to follow safety regulations. Landlords [Read More]