Child Custody 101: What’s a Custody Schedule?

Child custody schedules offer requirements and guidelines for parents who have a shared or joint custody arrangement. Family courts generally determine custody schedules, while a judge approves and issues them. Usually, they’re created following a separation or divorce, or through specific requests. What’s in a [Read More]

Why Summer Camps are Ideal for Children

Many people lay out plans for activities before the summer comes. You can consider taking your children to a summer camp. Summer camps offer children an opportunity for wholesome growth. Children get to learn and develop important life skills. Smart Kids Development Center shares more reasons to enroll your child [Read More]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Boat

Taking care of your boat is something that many consider a Herculean task. However, if you love your boat, you will do the things that will keep it in excellent condition. Treating your boat with care should not be hard work. There are some ways [Read More]

Exercise Makes People Feel Good about Themselves

Being fit comes at a price. Sometimes, it takes a push before a person realizes that good health requires hard work. Hardcore workouts, such as CrossFit, are the norm in many places, including Seattle, Washington. This may be the latest fitness craze, but the way it is practiced [Read More]