3 Critical Considerations for Your Next Mobility Equipment Services

child in a wheelchair

child in a wheelchairBipedal mobility is one of the most crucial characteristics of human beings. And while some people are born with conditions that limit their movement, it is necessary that you appreciate that everyone is entitled to move from one place to another. Children with mobility issues could use wheelchairs.

What do you look for when buying a wheelchair? Here are three of the most critical considerations that top mobility equipment service providers such as Alkira Wheelchair Services advise you to check:

1. Attendant Propel

A self-propelling wheelchair has push rims on the rear wheels for easy and quick self-pushing. This wheelchair also has handles at the back should someone need to push them. The large wheels make it easier to manoeuvrable obstacles.

If your child needs some pushing, an attendant wheelchair will do. There is no general rule, however, as to which wheelchair you should choose between these two. However, this self-propelling wheelchair allows you to enjoy both worlds.

2. Storage

Wheelchairs fold when you pull up the seat. The wheels then come together in a scissor action mechanism. Some wheelchairs also come with detachable parts, such as wheels, armrests, and footrests, which are very crucial in facilitating storage.

3. Overall Weight

The weight of the wheelchair determines how easy it is to push and also affects the convenience of transporting it. A lighter wheelchair frame makes it easy to lift the wheelchair. Regardless of the weight of the user, a lightweight wheelchair makes the seat more maneuverable.

Typically, lightweight wheelchairs are of an aluminium frame, hence their high cost. Nonetheless, if it has detachable parts, it is an excellent option as this feature will help reduce the weight as you move.

There are different types of wheelchairs — with designs ranging from simple to intricate — in the market. So, always first consult with a mobility equipment services specialist for recommendations on the wheelchair suitable for your child’s needs.

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