3 Reasons Car Fuel Consumption Rates Fluctuate

Car in VancouverAdvancements in automotive technology have changed peoples’ lives in a great way. People are not only interested in buying a new car for business convenience, but also for family fun moments. While many car owners think about the interior and exterior features of a particular car model, some forget about fuel consumption and other important aspects.

No matter the model, fuel economy will depend on particular factors. Infiniti dealerships in Vancouver and other parts of Canada list some reasons fuel consumption rates fluctuate:


Some people don’t know that car fuel consumption fluctuates during summer and winter. Cold air is usually denser, so it decreases tire pressure and increases drag. When tire pressure decreases, the rolling resistance increases. This means that you’ll need more gas for the wheels to roll. During hot weather, oil lubrication is better since oil temperatures are almost optimal. The engine takes less time to warm up and the tires stay properly inflated.

Car styling and shape

While some cars look cool and sleek, others have space-age styling and smooth contours. This is not simply for show. In both cases, styling depends on the aerodynamics in each car brand. The fuel economy of a new car may have a lot to do with the way it cuts through the air. Although a sleek hybrid doesn’t consume much fuel, this doesn’t mean you should be a fuel sipper or a speed racer. In fact, speed increase intensifies air resistance that may cost 15% more fuel for every 10 miles per hour.

In-car gadgets

When it comes to modern in-built automotive gadgets, you are spoiled for choice. Navigation and Bluetooth touch-screens have increasingly become a standard feature today. Apart from music players, phones, and car charger adapters, Wi-Fi hot spots have become tempting features. These systems and features can strain your car’s battery and affect fuel consumption rate. Nonetheless, the comfort and pleasure they come with are incomparable.

Boosting the fuel economy of any new car may not be possible if you don’t know the aspects that determine fuel consumption. Although you may know the type of maintenance each car brand requires, the factors mentioned above may affect your car’s fuel economy and efficiency.

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