3 Types of Rental Car Insurance That Everyone Needs

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If you are at a rental shop, and the service providers are pushing you to get insurance, it might not be the best time to decide which coverage you need and which you don’t. Personal accident insurance or collision damage waiver — what even do they mean?

Note that many vehicles hire companies in Auckland such as Metropolitan Rentals might not let you rent a car unless you have insurance. Needless to say, while these are optional, they can mean the difference between spending hundreds of dollars in repair costs for a car you don’t even own and saving some hard-earned cash.

Here are three types of insurance that you will need.

Collision Damage Waiver

This coverage is different from typical insurance plans. When you acquire it, it means that you are not culpable if the rental car is stolen or damaged.

Your regular car insurance may cover collision for rental cars, but often, it will not pay for all the charges such as money lost while the vehicle is in the garage. That is why it is wise to have this third-party coverage.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

Liability, in this case, refers to other people’s medical costs and the damage costs to their property. All states have a set minimum liability amount in insurance policies; however, often, this amount is not enough. Supplemental insurance will ensure your protection when the need arises.

Personal Effects Coverage

Say you left your laptop in your rental car and someone stole it. What then? Personal effects coverage protects you if you lose your items from the vehicle. If you continually travel with expensive electronics, sports or musical instruments or even jewellery, you should protect these articles.

Before you stand at the car rental counter, decide which coverage you will take. Ensure that you can afford to pay what it will demand, then sit back and enjoy the benefits. Remember to ask whether your company allows you to cancel your coverage if you need to in the future. When adequately insured, you will get to enjoy the benefits of renting a car fully.

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