4 Must-Try Dishes When You’re Travelling Around Gold Coast

 Food GuideApart from having beautiful and breathtaking beaches, the Gold Coast likewise offers some of Queensland’s mouthwatering signature dishes. If you’re planning to eat out, here’s a quick run-down of the most notable meals that you should never miss:

Coconut Prawns

Start off your food journey with Gold Coast’s deep-fried coconut prawns. This crispy meal is usually cooked with coconut and macadamia mix, along with prawn and curry mayonnaise on the side. Locals and tourists alike can both enjoy this dish for lunch and dinner.

Patagonian Toothfish

Harboring some of Queensland’s freshest seafood, the Gold Coast has yet again offered another standout treat. Whether grilled or broiled, this seafood special is a surefire hit to anyone with an empty stomach. Many Broadbeach restaurants provide a variety of cooking style for this fish just to match your liking.

Roasted Wagyu Beef

Not a fan of seafood? Why not try some of Gold Coast’s signature beef recipe. Unlike the usual grilled meat you’ve come to know, what makes this dish unique is the special seasoning mix they used in cooking it. This recipe is usually accompanied by thyme, rosemary, garlic, confit and sauce combinations to make your dining experience more unforgettable.


Craving for a scrumptious snack? Cruffins might be the ideal hunger buster for you. By its name alone, you’ll figure out that this French pastry is a hybrid of croissant and muffin. What could be even better than to munch down two of your favourite pastries with a price of one? Don’t miss this out when you visit Gold Coast in the future.

Prepare your stomachs for an eating adventure like a no other. Be sure to try these meal and food suggestion the next time you visit the remarkable region of Gold Coast.

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