A Closer Look at AC Problems: How You Can Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

AC Problems

AC ProblemsMinor maintenance issues such as dirty coils and filters can lead to high expenses on repairs. Air conditioning units do not require much attention. But, when certain components are defective and left unattended, the mechanical parts work extra hard and they wear down sooner than expected.

If you are a new homeowner and want to avoid unnecessary expenses, here are AC problems that you need to pay attention to:

Watch out for unexpected noises

When you hear a noise that is not supposed to come out of your air conditioning unit, it’s probably time to call the professionals. A loud rattling noise is not a good sign; a unit that is working optimally should only produce a humming noise.

As the technicians of Alvey Heating and Air explain, improper installation is one of the reasons behind the noise. If the hear a squealing noise from the unit, the air handler may be the source of the problem. Belt-driven motors are prone to this type of error, and the squealing is usually due to the belt slipping out of place.

Determine if the electrical system is malfunctioning

Electrical problems have varied manifestations, one of which is an AC unit that fails to turn on. Issues related to thermostat adjustments are also electrical malfunctions. Electrical failure may also occur due to damaged wires and dysfunctional connections.

One of the dangers of faulty electrical wiring is house fire. You don’t want to risk your the lives of everyone living in your home just because of a malfunctioning AC. Make sure to have the unit checked when these signs are present.

Check for Warm air from the AC unit

When there is refrigerant leakage, the main cooling mechanism is not functioning properly. As a result, you get warm air instead of cool air. Never address refrigerant leakage by yourself. Always call a professional to take care of the problem.

You can avoid huge expense on repairs by scheduling regular maintenance with a local heating and cooling expert. This will also ensure your home remains comfortable, especially on hot days.

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