A Day in the Life of a Certified Process Server

Certified process servers have a specific role that can be divided up into smaller tasks. According to the video above, a typical day for a certified process server involves much more than simply delivering papers to notify parties of their involvement in the courts. While a large portion of these professionals spend their days picking up court papers and serving them to the appropriate individuals or entities, they may also spend a lot of time completing documentation, communicating with the courts, and preparing papers to deliver to recipients.

As with any professional, a certified process server may work on professional development tasks such as attending conferences, completing workshops, and earning educational credits to advance in their field while expanding their skill set.

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It’s not unusual for court process servers to conduct other administrative and clerical tasks if they work in an office setting. If they are part-time, they might also work another kind of job. While court process servers have similar jobs, the expected duties of these positions may vary between courts and jurisdictions. A rural court process serving professional might have a different experience than one who works in a major city, as well. Although the job is simple, working with people and courts can add complexity to an otherwise straightforward line of work.

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