A Guide to Planning a Beautiful Funeral

Funeral coffin with flowers

In spite of the fast pace lives are lived nowadays (or perhaps because of it) people tend to shy away from talking or thinking about death — until it’s far too late.

When it starts to dawn on you just how much time and preparation will be left to your loved ones, you start to wish you got into those pre-paid funerals in the UK earlier. Just how does one plan for their funeral? It’s actually a lot simpler than people think. Here is a quick guide on what funerals are all about.

The Way to Go

When you’re talking about funerals, you’re talking about two things: what’s going to happen to your remains and how you plan to be honoured. So the very first thing that you really need to think about is what you want your loved ones to do with your body. Here are a few options available to you:


When people think about funerals, this is the first thing most people think about. Family and loved ones gather around the coffin, a pastor says a few words, and the casket is slowly lowered into the ground.

Of course, there’s also the option for above-ground burials, depending on what casket you want. You even need to pick out designs for the grave marker, or even if you want a monument or a plaque.

Then there’s the “green” type of burial, which involves no casket at all! This is ideal for those who are environmentally conscious and want to give back to the environment as it were.


Using heat and flame, this process reduces your body to ashes, which are then stored in an urn. Those who have a more modern slant prefer this method in their pre-paid funerals in the UK as it feels less morbid for them.
This might take away the last chance at loved ones getting to see you off, but it does allow them to focus on memories of you as you were alive.
Cremation often ends in internment at a small above-ground sanctum or larger columbarium, but many more prefer to have their ashes scattered where they were happiest in life.

The Way to Remember

Candles in memorial

Another integral part of the funeral is the memorial. Whether this takes place before or after your burial or cremation is entirely up to you. What you should know is that the tear-filled church memorials are the norm but aren’t a hard, fast rule.

In fact, there are many who prefer their memorials to be livelier and happy events rather than tear-fests. It all should align with who you are and how you want people to remember you. Don’t let pressure force you to go the traditional route as it’s your funeral anyway.

Thinking about and planning for your funeral is neither sick nor morbid. It’s about being prepared, it’s conscientious, and it’s about being thoughtful to the loved ones you’re leaving behind. The best funeral directors will offer you fully customisable plans that fit your personality, your needs, and your requirements.

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