A Recipe for Success: The World’s Best-Selling Sandwiches

Club sandwhich

Cultures across the globe have a love affair with the sandwich. It’s a humble dish but with a million possible combinations and regional variances. Nearly every state in the US and every country in the world claim to have their own versions of the sammie, featuring various meats, cheeses, vegetables, bread, and sauces.

Whether you’re hosting a game night or starting a sandwich business, it’s impossible to run out of recipe ideas. But you’d want to make sure the ones you serve will be a huge hit to guests or customers. Here are seven of the most famous and loved sammies:

Philly Cheesesteak

This one is a classic, and no one’s getting sick of it just yet. The traditional recipe features local Amoroso roll, Cheez Whiz, and griddle-seared, chopped-up sirloin with melted provolone. But outside Philadelphia, there are all sorts of renditions that are equally heavenly.


The po-boy is perhaps the American South’s biggest contribution to the sandwich world. Locals lovingly refer to it as a better way to eat sauce. And this is because the traditional recipe is dripping with gravy or a buttery sauce, made with mayo, Dijon mustard, and pickled ramps (which has a mild onion flavor). Meat po-boys often come with a Southern-style barbecue sauce, while seafood or fish versions are served with ramp sauce.


This is one of Subway’s best-selling sandwiches for a reason. It has all the goodness of classic Italian meat sandwiches: pepperoni, salami, and ham. This meat combo can be complemented by all sorts of sauces, vegetables, and anything pickled, so there’s plenty of room to get creative.

Roast Beef

Though one of the priciest in this list, this sammie is loved for its versatility, strong flavors, and texture. The trick is to keep the beef well-seasoned, medium rare, and sliced thinly. Arrange the slices neatly on any kind of bread, spread some mayo, and throw in some shredded lettuce and tomatoes and you’re good to go.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is perhaps the simplest of all sandwiches, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. Whether it’s grilled or pan-seared, this beautiful homage to bread and cheese is to die for. Take note: the more flavorful the cheeses you use, the better.

Lobster Roll

Picture large chunks of juicy lobster mixed with herbed mayo oozing out of a warm, crusty baguette straight from the griddle. This sandwich was first invented in the East Coast but is now served up in restaurants and food trucks across the country. Expect a long queue if you have this on your menu.


Italy has a long list of deli sandwiches that have made their way to every corner of the planet. One of which is the Porchetta, which used to be an unsung delicacy but is now making waves in the culinary scene. The star of the show is slices of juicy roasted suckling pig with crunchy cracklings squeezed into two pieces of bread. And that’s it – no condiments and vegetables whatsoever, yet it’s oozing with flavor and a natural gravy from the meat.

There are other equally note-worthy sandwiches, like the banh mi, reuben, tuna melt, pulled pork, falafel, gyro, chicken salad, and cemitas (from Mexico), that deserve a spot in the menu. But these eight classic recipes are instant crowd-pleasers.