Avoid These Costly Mistakes While Erecting a Fence on Your Property

Property Fence

Property FenceAlthough fencing is a delicate process, many people opt to use the DIY approach that can lead to costly mistakes. The article highlights some of these errors to shield property owners from some hefty losses.

Greatfence.com explains that fencing is a sure way of enhancing your privacy in a busy neighborhood as well as ensuring the safety of your household. And if you live a high crime area, installing a fence is the first step to keeping away vandals and burglars.

Depending on the type of fence, the installation process might be simple enough to do it yourself or you may need to get a contractor. Electric fences need a high level of expertise to ensure your safety and to avoid electrocutions. Now, if you are a handyman and choose to install a DIY aluminum fence, here are a few costly mistakes to avoid.

Not Keeping to the Property Lines

Property lines demarcate the actual extent of your property and prevent you from encroaching on your neighbor’s land. Failing to keep these lines could cause you to take down the fence and rebuild it in the proper place. A worst-case scenario is that your neighbor may sue you for trespass and demand compensation.

Failing to Adhere to the Building Regulations

Most municipalities require that you have a permit before you can erect a fence around your properties while others lay out fencing specifications. In most cases, they only need you to pay a minimal amount of money for the permit. Failing to get the permit could cause you to incur hefty charges and fines, and you may also have to be asked to take down the fence.

Failing to Anchor the Fence Properly

Shallow holes and using the wrong anchoring materials render your security wall weak and incapable of withstanding torrential rains. Make sure the holes are deeper than the minimum recommended depth, consider the terrain and use quality concrete materials. A mixture of gravel and concrete makes the best anchoring material. Make sure to inspect the property correctly before buying a fence and seek advice from a professional when in doubt.

Avoiding costly mistakes when erecting a fence around your property is essential to derive maximum satisfaction and keep the costs low.