Basic Facts about SEO Every Business Owner Should Know

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most effective way to promote your business online. But, its effectiveness in delivering traffic as well as converting this into actual sales largely depends on how good the SEO professional is.

google penguinSEO experts from Digital Cherry categorise SEO strategies as the following:

1. White Hat SEO

This is considered the ethical way to optimise your website. In this strategy, the focus is more on building unique and informative content that prospective clients will find useful. Most of the traffic gathered using this technique reach the client’s website organically.

2. Gray Hat SEO

This method borrows from both the white hat as well as the black hat strategy. For example, the use of paid links as well as planned three-way links are considered gray hat strategies. This is because the links are not organic and are considered “forced” to point to the client’s website.

3. Black Hat SEO

This is considered unethical. This technique makes use of trickery in order to score high in search engines. But, search engines today have the capabilities to know if you are using this method, which could lead to your site getting penalised.

There are many SEO professionals whom you can hire to provide you the best SEO services. But, if you want to start on your own to know the in’s and out of this type of job, here are some tips you might find helpful when optimising a site:

• Know where you stand. There are tools you can download to help you monitor your rankings. Always prepare a pre-campaign and a post-campaign analysis to know if your technique is achieving the desired goal.

• Be meticulous in using keywords. Always use appropriate keywords in your content. Remember, your page header and title tag are two of the most important places for your keywords that could help boost your rankings.

Doing search engine optimisation by yourself can be enjoyable. But, without a good grasp of it, you might cause your site to suffer heavily. If that is the case, you might be better off hiring a professional to do the task for you.

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