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Keeping Your Kitchen Appliances in Great Shape

Neglected kitchen equipment in a commercial setting can prove to be quite a black hole, sucking the money right from your pocket. With proper maintenance, you can lower your overheads. Industrial kitchens are energy users, often consuming three times as much energy per square foot [Read More]

Maintenance Pointers for Your Air Conditioner

Starter homes are perfect for those who are leading busy lives, especially young professionals. You still need to do a bit of housekeeping, however, which includes making sure that your appliances are well maintained like your air conditioning unit. Let’s start with these pointers to [Read More]

How to Avoid Costly Home Repairs

Damages to a home’s foundation can cause the house to fall apart if you don’t repair them early. No matter how the rest of the house looks, the structural damage has a more significant influence on the level of comfort in your home. When it [Read More]