Law and Order

5 Bail Bond Mistakes to Avoid

Bail bond services are instrumental in helping people stay out of jail as they await trial. Otherwise, you or your loved one would have to spend months in a jail cell until the court date. The duration of time people remain in jail awaiting court [Read More]

Substance Abuse and the Utah Prison System

Substance abuse-related crimes account for a vast number of incarcerations in Utah’s prison system. State prisons are slowly turning to therapy for their inmates suffering from substance abuse problems instead of prolonged jail time. This practice has reduced State prison populations, but local jails have [Read More]

What Should You Do When You Get Arrested?

“You’re under arrest.” Hearing these three words from a police officer can be unnerving, whether you’re guilty of an offense or not. Facing arrest can be a humiliating and traumatic experience and you might not be able to think clearly when it happens to you. [Read More]