Law and Order

Defending the Legitimacy of Asset Protection

On its face, asset protection planning sounds a lot like what billionaires in movies do to evade taxes, or the government. Unfortunately, many business owners have this same understanding when they sign up for the plan. Asset protection planning is a legal financial tool that [Read More]

Checklist for Bankruptcy Documents

Some business owners may worry about their business being under debt. This is easier to deal once you have decided on a course of action, like filing for bankruptcy. Before you can file for bankruptcy, however, your local bankruptcy lawyer, such as from Arkansas, [Read More]

A Close Look at Statutory Rape

A person who is romantically or sexually involved with a person much younger than them can be in legal trouble. Individuals engaging in sex with partners under certain ages risk doing jail time, even if the latter is a willing participant. Statutory rape refers to [Read More]

Where TV Went Wrong with the Law

Watch a legal drama on television or the movies and chances high you will see scenes that make you want to be like those powerful attorneys and law authorities, saving lives with powerful speeches and their scheming personalities. While the dynamics of cinema work primarily [Read More]

During and Before Marriage Inheritances

When you go through the process of divorce, you may question whether you or your spouse can claim rights to the inheritance funds that either of you have acquired during your marriage. Inheritance during Marriage In general, inheritances are not subject to equitable distribution, as [Read More]