Choose Your Allies: People to Help Children Care for Their Teeth

boy smiling while on a dentist chair

It’s never easy to say no to children. They cry, or they pout at you, and you’re doomed. And it goes for everything, too. They may ask for a hug or another slice of cake, and you’ll think it’s adorable. When they ask for too many sweets, however, you need to be firm and tell them no.  It may be hard to do it on your own, so here are three people to help:

Pediatric Dentist

Louisville parents are not the only parents who have a hard time saying no to their kids. Everywhere you turn, you see parents who say yes to appease their kids. Professional help can be good at this, and the pediatric dentist can talk to your children about why they need to moderate their sweets consumption. Even better, they can teach your child how to care for their teeth at such a young age.

Your Parents

Who’s weaker than you when it comes to your kids? Your parents. Grandparents want nothing more than to spoil their grandchildren. Children, however, also want to please their grandparents, so anytime they don’t feel like cooperating, tell them you will call grandma or grandpa. The threat that their Christmas gift might be jeopardized should be enough to get them moving.

Their “Friends”

Your child probably has stuffed toys they are fond of. They might have cartoon characters they adore. Use whatever they love to teach them that sweets may be bad for the teeth. Get them a fun and colorful toothbrush to inspire them to use it. Look for educational material featuring their favorites. You can even introduce sock puppets to be their friends who will remind them to clean their teeth.  Yes, we know. Children can be a handful and making them cooperate is like going to war. That’s why you need to choose powerful allies who know how to control them.

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