Dream Holiday with a Dream Smile

a young woman getting a dental treatment

The world is becoming a hectic place. These days everything is about multitasking. Well why not take multitasking to the next level. Here in the UK the cost of private dental treatment is on the rise, so it is little wonder why people are opting to receive their dental treatment overseas. Coupled with cheap flights and ideal holiday destinations, it really is the winning combination.

How to organise a dental holiday

Receiving dental treatment overseas is not a new thing and dental clinics, such as Access Smile, are here to ensure the dental journey runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible.

Many dental clinics in the UK now have sister clinics in parts of central and eastern Europe. They combine forces to give patients the chance to enhance their smiles at a cost they can more reasonably afford. Just like in the UK, dental clinics abroad ensure their dentists and staff are up to date with current dentistry techniques and treatments and are focused on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for patients. Budapest now enjoys the reputation of being the ‘dental capital of Europe’, on top of offering an immersive cultural experience, from steaming baths and spas to relaxing river cruises on the Danube.

What kind of dental treatments are offered overseas?

The range of dental treatments offered abroad varies from clinic to clinic but most dental treatments are available. Popular treatments offered abroad focus on those that ordinarily come with a hefty price tag in the UK, such as dental implants. Other treatments that patients often seek abroad are those that fall under cosmetic dentistry, such as veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays and bridges.

Benefits of receiving dental treatment overseas

The main reason people choose to receive their dental treatment overseas is the cost. It is substantially lower than in the UK and it is possible to save anywhere up to 50-70% on treatment. However just because the treatment is cheaper, this does not mean the quality has to drop. Dental treatment overseas is a competitive market so many dental clinics will offer comfortable, modern settings and up-to-date facilities to ensure they can keep up with their competitors.

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