Drought: Can You Do Something About it?

Drought impacts

Drought Impact Can you feel the temperature getting hotter and hotter? Is the water supply in your area lessened? Are the plants in your area starting to turn brown? If yes is your answer to those three questions, you’re experiencing drought.

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, drought results in the decrease of water supply. It’s described as a ‘creeping phenomenon’ that has various impacts depending on the place.

Effects of drought in our everyday lives

Drought has an impact on each person’s life. For many years, severe drought has brought thirst and hunger leading to death of people, animals and plants to various parts of the world such as Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan in Africa. Even Europe and Australia have deaths due to the extreme effects of drought. Here are some of its effects in your daily life:

  • Hotter temperature
  • Decrease in water supply
  • Poor water quality
  • Increase in the risk of heat-related, waterborne and cardiorespiratory illness
  • Decrease in crop production
What can we do?

In Australia, one of the solutions to drought is rainwater harvesting. It is a way to save water through storing rainwater in tanks. Rainwater may not be for cooking or drinking, but it sure has many benefits.

Other water functions use purified water. Using rainwater decreases the use of processed/purified water. Rhino Water Tanks says you may use rainwater for:

  • Watering the plants
  • Flushing the toilet
  • Cleaning various house materials
  • Laundry and dishes
  • Decreasing flood water

The harvested rainwater can also be processed and purified. Water purification systems can be set up at home.

Drought has been affecting everyone, and each person can help in saving water and fighting this problem. You can even do little things like closing the faucet when not in use. Saving water can save lives.

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