Eye-Opening Facts about Eye Errors You Should Know Of

Eye Clinic in Maple Grove, MNContrary to popular belief, having a 20/20 vision does not mean one has perfect vision, but 20/10 does. However, only 1 percent of the population boasts of this kind of eyesight. Besides, you do not necessarily need it to see things clearly.

What you should concern yourself about is when the time comes when your eyesight goes above the 20/20 rating. Keep in mind that eye diseases, when left undiagnosed and untreated, will just keep on worsening over time. To help you realize the importance of seeking the help of an eye clinic in Maple Grove MN such as Maple Grove Eye Doctors as soon as you notice issues with your vision, take a look at these eye-opening facts.

Refractive errors

Refractive errors include myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

In the United States, 34 million Americans belonging in the age bracket of 40 and above suffer from myopia. This represents nearly 24 per cent of the population. Hyperopia, on the other hand, account for 8.4 per cent of the same age group, which means that more than 14 million have them. Astigmatism is by far, the most common of all refractive errors, as one in every three people suffer from it.

While refractive errors have varying causes, they have almost the same signs and symptoms. Blurry vision, difficulty in making out things despite their nearness, and reading problems are just some of them.


Did you know that in the United States, almost 1.3 million people aged 40 and above are legally blind? And while some of them were born blind or suffered from a traumatic experience that resulted in their blindness, many are at fault for not having their eye disease corrected early on.

Impaired vision

More than 4 million Americans in the same age range have impaired vision, while nearly 3 million suffer from low vision.

Fortunately, with today’s modern ophthalmology technology, people who suffer from refractive errors, impaired vision, and low vision can get the treatment they need before they experience the worst of all: blindness.

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