First Birthday: The Four Best Gifts for Your Son

Birthday PartyYour son’s first birthday is a very special occasion. As such, you should throw him a birthday party befitting this once-in-a-lifetime event. There’s just one challenge, though: at this age, he is still a toddler and will probably not know what the fuss is all about. But, this shouldn’t discourage you from making this exceptional day matter. Consider working with a reliable company offering party rentals for appropriate items and ideas to make the day extra special for your son.

That said, here are some of the amazing gift ideas for your young champ’s first birthday:

Build an appropriate playing area

At one, toddlers love to play. How about creating a playing area that is full of nice toys for them to play? It does not matter if your son will play during his birthday. Kids have a very short attention span, and they should be bored after half an hour or so. This is just in time for you to resume the rest of the birthday activities.

Get him his first toy phone

Most babies are fascinated by phones. How about getting him his own toy iPhone? Your son will finally have a continuous source of amusement and finally, leave your phone alone.

It’s time for his first sneakers

At one, your son is probably beginning to walk. This is the ideal time to get him his very first sneakers as he starts this critical phase of his life.

How about a personalized birthday book

You can never go wrong with this one. Your son will fall in love with seeing his name and the story of his birthday on a book. What’s even better, he will read this story for a long time to come.

Every person’s first birthday is a significant milestone in their lives. While your son will probably not fully understand what is going on during the birthday party, he will come to fully appreciate your efforts in going the extra mile to make the day special with time.

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