Food Conveyor Belt: Industrialising the Meat Trade

Food Conveyor

Food ConveyorIncreased demand in meat was matched by the industrialisation of the meat business. Small cattle farmers transitionedinto owners of meat processing companies and industrial meat plants. Innovative systems and machineries like the conveyor system cater to theindustry, matching its growth pace.

A world leader in farming sheep meat and beef without government subsidies gives a brief overview of how New Zealand is doing in the meat business. Statistics show that the country ranked 5th on the list of the world’s largest beef exporters.

Ensuring the system’s efficiency is not enough; food safety and choosing the specific conveyor system is a huge factor in delivering quality product.There are service companies specialising in conveyor components and design such as Innovative Conveyor Systems that can provide the conveyor system you need.

Safety in numbers. Conveyor systems used in meat processing need to be maintained regularly to comply with all the safety and health requirements of the industry.With the conveyor system delivering a massive amount of meat from one point to another every day, contamination is a hazard that every system needs to prevent.

Choosing the Right Conveyor System.Numerous conveyor systems have been introduced in the meat trade. Offering reliable transport and meat processing, conveyor machines meet the high requirements of the trade, in terms of handling and processing the products.

Customised to Suit Trade Requirement. The meat industry is continuously changing and new innovationsare being added to the machines. Check if your conveyor systems meet your trade requirement. Can the conveyor system accommodate the product? Does it involve the basic processes needed in preparing the product: heating, cooling and washing?

The changes in the meat and beef business hasopened the floodgates for new systems to transform their processes. With the continuous pursuit for a smoother and more efficient system, it’s not hard to imagine that the innovation of the meat industry has just started.

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