Food Matters: How to Tell If You’ve Got Good Catering


CateringFood is what brings people in and keeps them interested. It is always the talk of the town after every event. Food dictates the overall quality of the event. Serve your guests with unsatisfying food and you are sure to get negative reviews by the end of the day. It is the part of the event everyone looks forward to, so make sure you have a good caterer. Here are some ways to find out if you picked the best, based on their food offerings.

Offer new or stick with the usual?

A good caterer studies the event and prepares an appropriate set of meals, believes Manolas Bros. They may choose to stick with the usual recipes to make sure everyone has something to eat. They can also introduce something completely new to the table and surprise the guests’ palate. A good caterer knows when to serve the traditional meals and when to take risks. Meals should go through pre-testing to see if it would appeal to the majority of the attendees.

Mind the time of the event

Quality catering services take note of the time of the event. The time dictates the appropriate set of meals to be served. Breakfasts are always light while lunches and dinners are heavy. Events held after regular eating periods may need to go for lighter food choices or simply head straight for desserts. A buffet should be complete on its range of light and heavy meals. Guests should have a choice as to whether they want to eat more or less depending on their appetite. Caterers have to look into the program and base their offering on the schedule.

Find quality caterers in Gold Coast for your event. Look at their menu and ask to try some of their offerings. This will give you an idea if your guests will love the food and enjoy their time at your event.

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