Frameless Poolside Fencing – the Safest Option

Glass Pool Fence

Glass Pool FenceThe main concern of any homeowner when they build a swimming pool in their yard is to make sure that the safety aspect is taken care of properly. Pool fencing is available in wood and metal, besides glass. However, frameless pool fencing, which is made of glass, is the most popular today. The advantages are many and being the safest alternative is just one of them.

  • Glass fences are safe

Glass is solid and can effectively keep children and pets from falling into the pool, even accidently. The other options such as wood or metal fences will have gaps in between them. Young children and dogs can easily slip through these gaps and inadvertently end up in the water. The edges of the wooden or metal fences can also bruise the little ones. Another advantage is that frameless glass fencing in Perth is customizable to fit the requirements of your pool exactly, without leaving any gaps.

  • Aesthetically appealing

Glass is beautiful and transparent; hence, the fencing will not even be visible from inside your home. You can thus get an unobstructed view of the blue waters, the pool area and lawns beyond. You can also keep an eye on what is happening in the pool right from your bedroom. Landscaping artists therefore prefer glass frameless fencing as they enhance the beauty of your home and the intrinsic value of your property.

  • Stronger and affordable option

Toughened glass is used for pool fencing. The material glass does not rust like metal or warp like wood in the presence of water or moisture. It need not be painted or coated with any anti termite or anti rust finish. Glass can be cleaned easily; therefore, although glass is sturdy it requires minimum to no maintenance. Once you have installed them, it is for life; glass fencing is very cost effective, as you will not incur any recurring expense.

Thus customized frameless glass fencing is the most aesthetic, affordable, secure and dependable option for your swimming pool.

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