Harnessing the Sun’s Power: Is Solar Water Heating Right for You?

solar panels

solar panelsIt is easy to understand why many homeowners are considering installing a solar water system in their properties. Apart from providing hot water throughout the year, it can also reduce energy bills and lower a home’s carbon footprint.

Solar water heating systems use solar panels, installed on the roof. These gather heat from the sun and use it to heat up water, stored in a water cylinder. Warm and Dry Plumbing Services says you can use a boiler or an immersion heater as a backup to heat the water to achieve desired temperature.

One good thing about solar heating panels is that they can be arranged in a way that can give heating to your home. The only problem, however is that the amount of heat generated is just minimal and may not be worthwhile.

Find out if the water heating system is right for your home.

Sunny Location

If you want to put up solar panels, you should have at least five square metres of space in the roof to generate enough heat. The space should face east to west and receive a significant amount of sunlight most of the day. The panels, however, do not necessarily have to be mounted on a roof. You can choose to hang them from a wall or fix them to a frame on a flat roof.

Compatibility Issues

It is important to make sure that your hot water cylinder and conventional boiler are compatible with the heating system. Keep in mind that a solar hot water system is advisable if you have a combination boiler and you don’t own a hot water tank.

Space for Water Cylinder

If you do not have a dedicated cylinder, you have to replace what you have. It is advisable to include a dedicated cylinder with a solar heating coil. You need to have a larger or extra space for the installation of a hot water cylinder.

A professional installer will evaluate your home and help you select the best system that will meet your needs. The maintenance cost for the heating system is significantly low and most systems come with a five or ten year warranty. Once the system is installed, your provider will give written details of maintenance checks you can carry out occasionally.

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