Has Your Door Lock Been Bumped?

Door Lock

Door Lock in AucklandNo matter how secure your lock is, it is always vulnerable to bump keys.

Bump keys are keys specially cut and designed to pick pin-tumbler locks. Most of the exterior door entry locks in residential properties are pin-tumbler types. Many homes are defenceless to lock bumping and burglary.

Most of the time, burglaries with no forced entry involve lock bumping. In some cases, people enter their homes without any idea that there are burglars inside, resulting in serious crimes such as assault and murder. However, how can you avoid this? How can you tell if your lock has been bumped?

Signs of Lock Bumping

Burglars insert the bump key to the matched keyhole and withdraw it in one click. They repeat this manoeuvre until the bump key caught all the lock tumblers. In this quick repetition, burglars sometimes hit the edges of the keyhole. Thus, you can tell that a lock has been unlocked with a bump key if you noticed small indentations or fresh nicks above the keyway.

Prevention against Lock Bumping

When done properly, lock bumping leaves little to no trace. Thus, experts from Sail City Locksmiths say that it is better to equip your home with digital combination locks or keyless security systems. These innovative locks do not require the use of keys, therefore, they are not vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Other experts say that installing a home security system is also beneficial. This system monitors all the doors in the property, and it alerts you whenever there is an unlocked door.

It is difficult to confiscate all the bump keys in this world or imprison all those who make them. So, what you can do as a homeowner is to upgrade the security in your property to minimise the risk of home break-ins.

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