Home Extension – What to Expect on Your Project

Home Extension Projects

Home Extension Projects in Australia Building an extension may mean extra costs, but this project can be a worthy addition. Homeowners get the extra space they need to accommodate an elderly parent or a growing child. They can also maximise the space by turning it into an investment and renting it out. Nonetheless, your home extension will yield these advantages if you choose the right materials and design. This will work if you know how to add small details that bring out the character of the home.

Of course, there are other elements you have to consider before starting a remodeling project. GrannyFlatsWA.com shares a few pointers you should not miss:

  • Property papers: If you are serious about a building extension in Perth or elsewhere, get the original property plan. This document will have information on sewer and electric lines. Zoning laws will affect how and where you can build the extension, as well.
  • Budget: Set a budget before meeting an architect and builder. If you fall in love with a design but don’t have the money, you may be tempted to stretch yourself and end up with costly problems. Be realistic; think about the utilities, property taxes and insurance. It would be more prudent to request quotes before you start the project.
  • Needs: What do you really need this space for? If it is an extra bedroom, keep it basic and cut out unnecessary additions.
  • Professional assistance: It is always a good idea to hire a professional to do the job. Architects can provide amazing designs for even the smallest of space. They can also recommend a list of experienced builders for the job.
  • Builders: Get recommendations and check references of builders before hiring one for the job. Get estimates and ask for sample portfolios.
  • Utilities: Before you start the project, talk to electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists. Find out if they can check whether the existing system can handle the load from a new space.

By considering the above pointers, you can have well-informed decisions for your home extension projects.

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