Honing Your Craft: Things Writers Can Do Other Than Writing

I am a Writer

I am a WriterWriters write. In fact, some of them invest everything in writing that they neglect the other factors that nourish their craft.

The Long Forgotten Self-Care

Neglect for self-care, regardless of how often and grave, builds up and eventually takes its toll on the body. Writers need to stop skipping meals and sustaining themselves with only caffeine when inspiration strikes them hard. It does not end with remembering to eat; Bambrick Produce says frequent visits to fruit and vegetable wholesalers mark the beginning of a lifestyle change that benefits both their written works and their bodies. In a profession where logic and creativity collide, maintaining physical health serves a significant purpose in combating hormonal imbalance, sickness and reduced productivity.

The Wonders of Travelling

Most writers – particularly novelists – make up stories and strings of wonderful sentences using their imagination. The fuel to their imagination comes from what they know. This means writers need to invest and expand their knowledge by doing new things, primarily through travel. It gives them the perfect excuse and motivation to leave the house and exercise not only their minds but also their bodies.

This profession requires those involved to leave their comfort zones and collect new experiences. After exploring the world through reading books, the next step demands a first-hand encounter with the world outside.

The Necessity of a Social Circle

Writers don’t flourish in just any social circle. They need one that consists of other writers. Apart from good writing skills, they have to build a network through which they can come across new opportunities. The advice of support of people who understand the perks and difficulties of being a writer makes it easier to cope with the solitary nature of this profession. It also serves as a gateway to bigger communities which could serve as the push a writer needs to improve his work or, better yet, to get a breakthrough in the publishing industry.

While a writer’s career revolves around his written works, it does not mean that his entire life should, too. The inspiration and discipline it takes to succeed in this profession, after all, demand an encounter with the world and everyone in it.

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