How Does the Drug Diversion Program Work?

Officer Arresting Young Man

A drug possession charge will most likely taint your record. What if authorities catch you with a small amount at a party or music festival?

Whatever the severity of your case may be, it is better if you have a criminal lawyer that you can run to on the Gold Coast. Nyst Legal says that “If you’ve been caught in possession of only a small amount of cannabis, you may be eligible, if the Magistrate deems it appropriate, to be placed on a recognisance order, with the condition that you attend a drug assessment and education session rather than being dealt with on the charge in the Court”.

This is the nature of the drug diversion program: an education session.

Eligibility for Minor Drug Offence

You are eligible for the program if you:

  • Admit guilt to the offence
  • Have not previously or recently been convicted of a drug offence dealt with in Court
  • Are charged with one or more drug offences
  • Appear before the Magistrates court or the Children’s Court

Eligible drug offences include possession of a small amount of drugs, possession of items used for consuming or smoking the drugs, as well as failure to dispose of a syringe.

Drug Diversion Program in Queensland

According to Queensland Police, most drug offences in the state involve possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Individuals who receive a charge of minor drug offence have the opportunity to attend and complete the Police Drug Diversion Program rather than go through the normal court process. This offers individuals a chance to redeem themselves by receiving professional help.

Of course, a drug possession charge is nerve-racking, but if it is only a minor drug offence, then there is a probability that you do not have to face jail time. Instead, you will undergo assessment and education sessions to help you stay away from drugs.

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