How Long Does It Take Before You See Results with SEO?


SEO in SydneyYou have done your part. You followed every instruction to the detail. You have good quality content, carefully selected keywords and credible backlinks. Yet, you simply cannot get Google or Bing to rank you higher up in their search pages. You are now starting to believe that all this talk about SEO is just nonsense.

Hold your bubble. Did you know that it takes time before you can actually see results? Just consider this. If you plant an apple seed now, will you expect to have your first harvest tomorrow? Same thing with search engine optimization. It doesn’t mean that since you have gone through all the tips and guidelines you can start seeing the results immediately. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.

Actual Time Varies

The actual length of time before you can see any results varies. In addition, this is greatly dependent on several key factors, namely:

  • The reputation of your domain, the older it is the more ‘reputable’ it is,
  • The authoritativeness of your domain which is reflected in the quality of your content as well as quality backlinks from credible sites, and
  • History of SEO activity on your website

With these, you can expect to see improvements in web traffic within 24-48 hours. However, again, the question is how well you will be able to execute these three essential elements.

The Reasonable Waiting Time

This is one of the reasons why the best SEO company in Sydney will tell you that you can expect results within four to six months. However, that again largely depends on how active you are in providing fresh content on your website. Not only should there be a regularity of fresh content, it should also be relevant and original. The pattern should be obvious so that major search engines can build on previous content and link that to the newer ones.

The Key

Many online entrepreneurs easily get disheartened because they don’t see the results they wanted within the period they intended. However, that is just the beauty of doing business because you can never full control variables. In addition, this should be sufficient motivation to keep on persevering.

Successful individuals and companies will always tell you that they had to wait many years doing the same stuff repeatedly just so Google recognizes them. The key, therefore, is patience and perseverance.

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