How to Lower the Cost of Your Cross-Country Move

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If the costs of your long-distance move threaten to leave a hole in your wallet, you can remedy the situation. Reducing the costs of moving is an incredible way to safeguard your finances when relocating to a new area.

You must contend with other costs before you can settle into your new house. Hence, it is in your best interest to pursue any method that can let you save a shiny penny during the process.

Sell Your Furniture

Furniture pieces are not only cumbersome but bulky as well, and this drives up your moving costs. Unless you have antique, hardwood furniture, consider disposing of these pieces. Just be sure that you can replace them on the other end without your finances taking a beating.

Listing such items on your local online market can help you dispose of them quickly. For the best result, start the listing process well in advance of the move, as it gives prospects time to mull over your offer. A last-minute listing can attract low-ball offers that will leave you nursing huge losses.

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Do Most of the Moving Yourself

Retaining a full-service professional move will cost you a pretty penny, but opting to do most of the things yourself can save you lots of money. Start by getting free packing boxes from your local retailers. Using blankets and other heavy fabric items to cushion the delicate items keeps them safe without incurring additional costs.

Avoid heaping all the heavy items in the same boxes to make them easy to carry, especially when stairs are involved. It also means that you can load up the boxes yourself, eliminating the need to hire additional help.

Borrow a Moving Truck

If you are prepared to move and drive across the country, you should consider contracting a moving truck from a reliable company. By embarking on a manual relocation, you can save thousands of dollars. For instance, you can rent a truck for a one-way move, which will have a fixed price for the truck rental and insurance.

Also, you will have to pay for fuel costs for the distance traveled. Remember that truck rentals do not have excellent gas mileage. An ordinary only gets around 10 miles per gallon. If you’re moving 2,000 miles, that means it will require around 200 gallons of gas to take you to your destination. If the truck’s fuel capacity is approximately 30 gallons, you will have to stop at least seven times.

Choose a Better Relocation Date

The time of your move can significantly affect the price of your relocation. Avoiding popular moving days can help you reduce the cost of truck rentals, moving containers, and more. If possible, do not move on weekends and the first and last weeks of the month. Instead, you should aim for a mid-day or mid-month relocation.

Overall, due to the vast distances involved, cross-country moves are likely to take a toll on your wallet. However, with a little creativity, you can relocate without spending much money.

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