How to Tell if Your Water Heater is Failing

A thermostat on a water heater

A water heater is very important in any household. Who wants to take a cold shower on a chilly morning, anyway? However, most homeowners fail to recognize the following telltale signs that they already need a water heater repair for their Sandy home.

Water is rusty

If the water coming from the heater has a metallic or rusty smell, it may be a sign that the inside of the water heater is rusting away and is about to fail. However, there is also a chance that the rust is coming from the pipes and not the water heater itself. A good way to test this is to drain several buckets of hot water from the heater. If the hot water still smells metallic by the third bucket, then it’s highly likely that it is actually your water heater that is rusting.

You see a leak

Leaks should be addressed as soon as possible as it could mean that your water heater is already failing internally. You should make it a habit of inspecting your water heater regularly for any leaks, no matter how small they are. Don’t wait for it to fail completely before taking action.

It’s making funny noises

As the water heats, it’s normal for the water heater to make some noise. However, if the noise you hear sounds out of the ordinary like loud cracks or banging sounds, it could mean that the inside components of the heater are already making contact with the mineral deposits inside. This is an indication that your water heater is nearing its end of life.

If you suspect that your water heater is not functioning properly, don’t think twice about calling an expert for a more thorough inspection. Early detection of the problem may save you from buying a new water heater.

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