Improved Business: Connecting Your Online Marketing Offline

Online Marketing in Johnson CityMarketers have shifted to online advertising because of its efficiency and affordability. However, you shouldn’t focus all your efforts on marketing through social media and your websites. You need to have a strong Internet and offline presence to build a strong brand that is recognizable and moves products or services.

While certain strategies will allow you to do so, implementing the following enables you to maximize business potential.

Driving Online and Offline Traffic with Social Media

Exhibiting at tradeshows is an effective way to reach your audience and market your offerings. Giveaways on the day itself is a great way to boost foot traffic, but advertising it through social media days or even months before builds intrigue and piques the interest of potential customers. Include details about the event on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and add a link to the items you give away. Doing so strengthens brand recall and improves the chance of a purchase.

Extending Reach Offline

Net360 and other digital agencies noted that adding your company’s website URL and social media links on brochures, print adverts and other types of advertising materials inform potential customers about your brand and offerings. This directs traffic to your sites and engages your target audience.


You need to have a consistent message across different platforms, regardless if it is offline or online. This strengthens your brand recall and recognition, increasing the possibility of a conversion.

Lead Intelligence

Cold calling and purchasing leads is still widely practiced, but if you are still one of those companies doing these, its best improve their conversion rate by providing data and information about each lead. Even by simply teaching them to browse a LinkedIn profile to learn more about that person.

These are some of the strategies you can implement to connect your offline and online campaigns. Doing so strengthens your branding and enables you to reach a wider audience effectively.

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