Job Search 101: Prepare for a Background Check

Isn’t it true that the world today has become more competitive for fresh grads? To find a good-paying job has become difficult. One has to have the basics covered, such as education and a diverse, if not specialised, skill set. Why would a company hire someone incompetent, right? Given that there are a lot of people looking for jobs today, a fresh grad has to have an edge.

A fresh grad – or any individual for that matter – has to have the right attitude for work. Apart from competence, companies also look for professionalism. Willingness to learn is one example, but larger companies would often prefer hiring people who already know what to do. How can fresh grads compete when they don’t have enough experience?

Preparation is key.

Personal History Plays a Role in Employment

What most fresh grads have over other job-seekers who have gone elsewhere is that their ‘records’ are clean. As an individual seeking employment, one has to possess a background that companies deem acceptable. Take, for example, how criminal records are checked in New South Wales. For one to be truly ready for the real world and successfully secure a job, it is important that your history is decent enough for the company.

Why Are Background Checks Important?

Corporate brands, such as advertising and finance, are much more stringent when it comes to background checks. LinkedIn, one of the leading networks on the web, lists down ten important reasons pre-employment background checks are necessary.

1. To review an applicant’s criminal history
2.Past infractions, such as driving records and credit history, may play a role in a person’s performance at work
3. For due diligence, which reduces liabilities
4. It shows a larger picture of an applicant
5. Safety of employees and clients
6. Keeps the office drug-free
7. Emphasises dishonesty
8. It is a way to validate educational attainment and certification
9. Offers peace of mind
10. Ensures that the company made the right choice in hiring an individual

With the abovementioned reasons, would there be a better reason for a company, especially one that is looking to grow, skip on performing background checks?

So, for fresh grads looking for a job, do know that your past will always figure into the security of your future.