Keeping Your Car’s Tyres Ready for the Road

Car's TyresNext to the engine, the tyre is often considered the most important part of a car. And with hundreds of accidents happening on the road due to faulty tyres, it is essential that you constantly take care of your car's set to avoid accidents.

Here is a 4-step guide to proper car maintenance.

1. Check for wear and tear

One of the quickest ways to see your tyre is already worn beyond its life is running by checking the tyre wear indicator. This is a little strip moulded into the tyre to indicate the recommended tread depth. In most cases, the tire wear indicator is set to 1.6 mm. Once the indicator itself is worn, this means it’s time to scour tyre shops in Perth for replacement, according  to the experts from RICHARD’S TYREPOWER.

The way your tyres wear patterns look can also indicate some other problems. For instance, if the left set of tyres shows more signs of damage than the set on the right side, this might be an indication that your car has improper balance. This is particularly dangerous, as you can lose grip on the other side when making turns.

2. Monitor air pressure

Another important aspect of tyre maintenance is ensuring right air pressure. The correct pressure varies from one vehicle to another and is often indicated in the user manual or printed on the inside of the door.

So, how frequently should you check your car's tyre pressure? In most cases, it should be done once every month. During the cold months, where the temperature causes the air within the tyres to contract, add around 4 to 5 PSI to the recommended pressure to keep them properly inflated.

3. Storing your tyres

Whether it is your spare or the ones you use, ensure that these are stored properly when removed from the vehicle. Unassembled tyres should not be stacked on top of each other, as these might cause deformation. Also, keep them away from highly flammable objects.

4. Check car suspension

Be sure to have not only your tyre but also your car's suspension inspected by a mechanic. They will be able to determine if everything is in correct alignment and that the tyres properly support the car's weight.

A well-maintained set of car tyres can prepare you for different road conditions. This will keep the journey safe.

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