Material Handling and Effective Warehouse Management

Warehouse Storage

Securely storing and protecting products and materials in a warehouse is paramount. For a warehouse manager, proper material handling comes with many benefits, but it comes at a certain cost. From racks to automated vehicles, moving and controlling materials efficiently can define business success. But how does material handling help?

Before you begin automating your processes or buying new IBC bunded pallets, you need to know more about the importance of material handling.

Material Handling

This is a key activity in production, from manufacturing to disposal. It is used to enhance customer service, decrease inventory, improve delivery time and reduce the costs of handling from the time goods are manufactured until they are transported. In a warehouse, the value of material handling is immense. A warehouse holds incoming and outgoing materials and products, so securing them is extremely important.

Integrating Equipment and Processes

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Material handling can offer a variety of solutions to better manage a warehouse. It can use automation to store and retrieve materials, guide vehicles, and collect data. Administering equipment, such as casters, conveyors, lift trucks and racks, is also refined by material handling techniques. To integrate all processes and equipment effectively, material handling uses IT systems that record data and solve warehouse issues such as potential bottlenecks.

Guiding Principles for Effective Management

To pick, pack, ship, sort and store products via a complex network of storage and retrieval systems requires principled methods and techniques. They must include:

1. A carefully designed management plan;

2. Standardised methods and systems of storage, retrieval, and controls;

3. Ergonomic work equipment and conditions to ensure health and safety;

4. Well allocated unit load capacity to save time and use of space; and

5. Duly programmed analytical tools to study life cycle costs.

Material handling is an effective driver of cost reduction. In a warehouse, additional and unwanted costs on finished products should be avoided. Through material handling techniques, safeguarding output is tantamount to ensuring consumer satisfaction.

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