Meeting a Client Overseas for the First Time: Here’s How You Can Ace it


MeetingIf it’s your first time meeting a client in a different country, it can get overwhelming. The preparations you need may exceed what you’ve done in the past, and you know you simply can’t mess up because you might not get another opportunity. You need to go over the important details more than twice, including your flight itinerary, accommodation and the schedule of all your meetings.

Meetings like these can be exciting, so you have to give it your best to gain the trust of your clients and secure that account you’ve been trying hard to bag. Here’s what you can do to ace that client meeting:

Prepare and Do Your Research

When you’ve been assigned to meet a client, it’s because your company needs your expertise about a certain topic. They believe that you can handle the business transaction successfully. No matter how good you are, however, all these need thorough preparation. Start reviewing from the first time you had the client until the moment they finally agreed meeting you face-to-face.

Gather Information About the Foreign Culture

Whether it’s Australia, Japan or France, take time to gather information about the history, culture and customs of the country you’re visiting. Read books about them and if possible, attend cross-cultural seminars or training sessions. Learn about the differences in terms of attitude towards punctuality, negotiating styles, gift-giving practices and the importance of rank. When conducting business transactions, know who the decision makers are. Book an accommodation near RNA showgrounds if you think it fits your client’s interest, for instance.

Stay Connected at All Times

Contact your phone provider before your trip to learn about their international options for business trips, as some telecom companies offer temporary plans when visiting another country. Your carrier network must be compatible with your destination to make an international call, though. Other options available are Skype or any computer and mobile-based communication software. Some countries provide rental phones, as well.

These are only some of the most effective ways to prepare you for that big meeting overseas. Be prepared, be confident and you might win your client’s favour.

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