Motor Accident Claims: How Much Could I Claim?

Motor AccidentIf you have sustained an injury due to a motor vehicle accident, whether because of an auto accident, bike accident, motorbike crash, truck accident, quad bike, or any other motor vehicle type, you might be legally entitled to compensation, which could include the following:

  • Injury compensation for suffering and pain, as well as loss of life’s amenities;
  • Rehabilitation and healthcare expenses, including related past and future costs;
  • Loss of business profits, or the past and future earnings, which include superannuation payments;
  • All relevant expenses you made out-of-pocket;
  • If your injuries hinder you from going to work, which in turn makes you struggle financially, you might likewise be able to claim advanced payments on damages for helping you with immediate expenses while waiting for your claim to be finalised,
  • If your accident transpired when you were going to or from work while working, or during your break at work, you might also be able to claim Workcover Statutory Benefits or workers’ compensation benefits, while you’re recovering;
  • According to the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994, the CTP Insurer or Compulsory Third Party Insurer is legally obligated to shoulder your rehab and medical needs to make certain that you obtain proper assistance and treatment for the injuries you’ve sustained. The insurer is required to finance surgery, hospitalisation expenses, specialist treatment, physio treatment, medication costs, medical devices and aids, counselling, vehicle and home modifications, as well as care assistance and provisions, if required.

Now you might be thinking, exactly how much compensation could you obtain? According to one of the best personal injury lawyers in Townsville, various injuries impact everyone in various ways, such that a seemingly minor injury might affect another individual to a much or lesser extent. Since compensation payments are subjective, it’s practically impossible to know how much compensation you could obtain for a particular injury. It would be dependent on what the damage and loss you’ve suffered due to your injury.

The main factors that could affect compensation payments include the severity of your injuries, your age, work, your overall health during the accident, as well as your recreational activities. You would receive more compensation if the injuries you’ve sustained significantly affect your pre-accident employment and overall lifestyle. Bearing this in mind, consult a personal injury attorney to know more about the details of your claim.

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