Non-Destructive Digging: Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation

Hydro excavationCompared to manual digging methods, hydro excavation is significantly safer and more efficient. This is because it uses industrial strength and pressurized water to excavate the soil. The process safely breaks up the solid material, which helps eliminate the risks of underground utility damage.

The undeniable benefits of hydro excavation are attracting the attention of contractors and companies in Salt Lake City and other nearby cities. The increasing demand for safe and efficient digging is also motivating others to adopt the method.

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The Major Advantage

Various benefits await those who want to use hydro excavation. Salt Lake City contractors say it adds value to any project because it helps make the most of existing resources. One major advantage is the completion of projects with less risks and zero damage to infrastructures already in place. This result in improved productivity, cost-efficiency, and reduced liability issues.

Common Purpose

Many contractors use the methods for line, sign, and pole installation. It is also ideal for day lighting or potholing. This is because it allows for less traffic and congestion in the excavation area, as the equipment can be positioned at a distance. It is also faster and more accurate than other methods, as it minimizes site restoration time and expense.

Reduce Unintended Consequences

The process of hydro excavation is the only non-mechanical and non-destructive method of digging. This can virtually reduce unintended consequences from any project that involves trenching, drilling, and excavation, which are the causes of delay in most projects.

Weather is Not an Issue

Cold weather is not much of a concern in the process because hydro excavation trucks come with mounted heaters. It will not require use of wood and coal, so users are assured that it is safe and environmentally friendly.

The hydro excavation process results in a precise and immediate excavation that requires less labor and restoration. It is also more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than conventional excavation techniques.

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