Preparing Your Car for the Winter

Preparing Your Car for the Winter in Brisbane

Preparing Your Car for the Winter in BrisbaneThe winter season does not only bring snow and holiday cheer, it can also tough weather conditions for you and your car. Just as you cannot expect to brave the cold on with your normal clothes and gear, you cannot expect your car to perform as well without preparing it for winter.Here are some ways to ready your car for the gruelling winter season.

Change your oil

During the winter months, consider changing your oil to less viscous or thinner oil as oil engine conditions change with the weather.

Use engine coolant

Engine coolants are not meant only to keep your engine overheating but also to protect your engine against corrosion. Make sure to use coolant made using ethylene glycol as an added protection and maintain the engine coolant to water ratio that is suitable for your car. What this ratio is depends on the type of your car. It is best to consult your mechanic or car manufacture this.

Review your battery

Battery capacity is reduced by cold weather. It is important to make sure that your cable terminals, fluid, and battery are in good shape. Check your battery for signs of damage or cracks, an always check the charge levels before going out for a drive.

Invest in snow tires

Driving through snow is difficult although this can be alleviated by mounting the right tires for the weather. You can either change all tires to snow tires or else buy all-year tires to make sure that you do not get a flat tire or tires) on your way to or from work.

Go with anti-freeze

choose a windshield washer fluid with anti-freeze solution in order to clear off cold, heavy grime during the winter, not allowing it to impair your vision and compromise your safety.

Have an emergency kit

if you do not have it yet, invest in an emergency kit complete with flash lights, blankets, radio, engine oil, washer fluid, car window breaker, and the emergency hotlines. Make sure to have the number of a reliable towing company in Brisbane like in the ready as well as your charged cell phone all the time. Being stuck in the middle of the snow can be an unpleasant, traumatic experience so it is crucial that you get out of a sticky situation as fast as you can. Towing companies who are always available to secure your, your family’s, and your vehicle’s safety should be a part of your winter driving game plan.

Following the tips above can help you be more at ease when driving during the snowy season. Make sure to keep the pieces of advice to heart and make it an annual car ritual to avoid any difficulty whenever your car cannot handle the cold.


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