Release Your Children from a Psychologically Abusive Spouse

Protect Your Child from Emotional AbuseThere are many different types of abuse that can occur in a household, with psychological abuse being the most common. While this type of abuse most often occurs within the married couple, the parents (or one of them) can also mentally abuse their children.

Psychological abuse is something that a mother or a father should never tolerate. It has both short term and long term impact on a child’s behavior and ultimately affects his/her adult life.

Emotional abuse on children

When a parent constantly abuses his/her child emotionally or psychologically, he/she removes his/her right as a guardian. As parents, they should have their kids’ best interest at heart, or they will only hinder many of the aspects of their children’s lives, including their emotional, social, cognitive, and psychological development and health.

When this type of abuse occurs

Parents who intentionally abuse their children through emotional or psychological means have many ways of doing so. One of the most common forms is ignoring their kids, in the sense that they are emotionally detached that they do not even look at the child or do not use the kid’s given name.

Purposefully rejecting the needs of a child is another common form of emotional/psychological abuse. Parents who do this usually refuse to physically come into direct contact (like hugging or touching) with their children. They also willingly refuse their children’s needs and often resort to ridiculing their kids.

There are plenty of other ways a parent knowingly abuses his/her children apart from physical means. These include isolating the children and preventing them from having normal interactions with other people; brainwashing; corrupting or exploiting to the point of making their children exhibit inappropriate or illicit behaviors; threats; neglect; and verbal assaults.

Releasing your children from the grasp of your abusive spouse

When you have a chronic psychologically/emotionally abusive spouse who directs his/her dangerous behavior to your children, it should already prompt you to release your children from his/her grasp.

You should consult a Summit County divorce attorney for help not only when it comes to divorce, but also for custody of your children.

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