The Right Balustrades for the Right Touch


balustradesAre you looking to enhance the appeal of your home? In that case, have you considered balustrades installed as part of the house’s external architecture? In fact, you must think of having these architectural columns installed around your house, for they can lend a very stylish touch to the building.

The good news is that balustrades are available in numerous designs nowadays. The only catch is that you must select the right one, because several factors determine the kind of balustrade you purchase for your house.

Here is a look at some of the important ones.

1. House Construction

A primary factor, says, the construction of the house includes such considerations as size.

In small houses, the space cannot accommodate elaborate balustrades. On the other hand, for big houses, you have plenty of space to install the balustrades, even the most ornate and sophisticated ones.

Since modern homes are mostly small, one good option is to choose simple ones that do not look too space consuming. Also, consider having balustrades only on the staircases and around the perimeter of the balconies.

2. House Architecture

Another equally important consideration is the architecture of the house. That is, if the house is of a classic style, balustrades of the most intricate and ornate designs will increase its beauty quotient considerably.

A more contemporary house may have reduced need, stylistically speaking, for balustrades. Even so, consider installing glass balustrades instead, as it would fit a modern design without looking out of place.

3. Glass Balustrades

Installing glass balustrades around your modern-looking house is a great option because:

• Glass lends a quiet touch of elegance without seeming too heavy on the aesthetics.
• It does not spoil the view of the other side.
• It is easier to maintain and clean.
• Since modern glass balustrades consist of tempered glass, there is no reason to worry about the durability of the glass.

Given these benefits of the glass balustrades and the fact that they look beautiful, consider installing these when you re-design your home.

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