Silent Killers: Infidelity Isn’t the only Reason Marriages Fail

Marriage FailSometimes, even the smallest and overlooked habits can cause a marriage to fail. A long-lasting marriage is built on a solid foundation of trust, passion, and a profound emotional connection. Failure to add some form of novelty and genuineness to their relationships, therefore, can be as much of a threat as infidelity.

Failing to Maintain Social Relationships

Nothing beats quality time with your significant other, but that doesn’t mean it has to come at the expense of your friendships. Depending on your spouse to fulfil all your socialization needs is unrealistic. Building relationships with others, however, is a great way for you and your partner to grow even outside of your marital bond. Spending time with friends also means you’ll have other confidants that you can speak with, especially when times get tough.

Underestimating the Importance of Intimacy

While planning sex may seem weird and unsexy for married couples, physical intimacy tends to grow unnoticed, especially for couples with conflicting and demanding schedules at the workplace. Regularly scheduling time for intimacy can make partners feel wanted and loved, especially during days when they feel down. In fact, couple’s therapist Debra Campbell warns against engaging only in “special occasion sex,” as couples without enough bedroom time are up for a short, passionless marriage.

Refusing to Engage in Deeper Conversations

Small talk just won’t cut it if you’re after a long-lasting relationship with your spouse. Conversations need to move past simple “good morning” greetings or weekend plans. When couples fail to communicate on a deeper and substantial level, they tend to grow defensive, suspicious, and disconnected.

Setting aside the time for an engaging conversation and asking your spouse deep, emotional questions, however, are surefire ways to forge a meaningful connection with each other. You’ll end up discovering new and interesting things about each other, so it’s one of the best ways to bond.

While infidelity definitely harms relationships, it’s not the only factor that drives spouses apart. Failing to address the simple needs of your partner is also enough to silently kill a marriage. Couples already experiencing marital discontent, however, may want to consult a divorce attorney to understand how they can move forward with their case.

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