Smart Insights on Web Advertising in the Digital Age

Web Advertising in Melbourne

Web Advertising in MelbourneSome studies reveal the complexity of the decision-making process involving purchases today. On average, a person visits five websites more than once, spending about half an hour for a month before buying something. That is how much time we spend for purchase decisions these days. Online avenues make these platforms accessible, and people use whatever is available to make informed decisions.

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Consequences of the increasing popularity of mobile device usage

Mobile marketing is a priority for many web development and marketing organisations in 2016. This surge can be attributed to the increasing sophistication of smartphones. Video ads are dominant this year, and the target audience now has access to affordable smartphones that allow them to play video ads while they are in transit, and without additional expense. More video ads online will turn up as the year moves forward because they are effective in getting the message across while being mobile friendly at the same time.

Consumers as brand marketers

These days, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on marketing if your campaigns attract enough consumers that will willingly share their positive experience through social media and other channels online. There are plenty of free platforms where satisfied customers can act as marketers, and you only have to make the most of their enthusiastic responses to your brand.

Personalisation is the future of web marketing

If a human being finds something relevant, he or she will respond to it. It is easier to build intimacy between brands and consumers because there are so many platforms for interaction. When you want to capitalise on personalisation, make sure you are actively involved in keeping customers satisfied and happy.

Web advertising continues to evolve, and new trends crop up each year. For now, learn from the most successful brands, and consider the insights we have shared with you here.

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