Solid Timber: A Classic Flooring Option That Isn’t Just for Aesthetics

Solid timber has been the quintessential flooring material for residential homes for the longest time. With a certain natural appeal, few wooden flooring options match its appearance and the charm it brings into a home.

It has recently been displaced as the flooring of choice since there are more affordable flooring options available, ranging from laminate to cheaper wooden variants. Solid timber, however, is still a good investment and may be worth more in the long run.

Timeless Timber

There’s no denying how appealing high-quality timber flooring is. The main draw is the natural colour it exudes. Blackbutt timber, for example, has that distinct yellow to pale brown colour scheme that fits any living space – be it a bedroom or the kitchen. Higher quality timber also sports an even-grained appearance, which is difficult to find in lower grade wooden flooring.

Solid timber comes in a myriad of finishes so you have a lot to choose from depending on what appearance you want for your living spaces. Timbers made from Australian red species are amongst the most popular. They have a habit of darkening as time goes by, exuding an elegant appearance that’s difficult to replicate in artificial wood.

Timber Cleaning and Maintenance

Timeless aesthetics isn’t the only thing solid timber is known for, though. When you compare them with other wooden floorings, timber’s durability and resistance is simply unmatched. Solid timber made from ironbark, spotted gum and blackbutt are known for their sheer durability and adaptability to weathering and environmental factors. Flooring made from these timbers may last as long as the house itself.

The fact that it can be resurfaced is the reason solid timber is a worthwhile investment. Wooden flooring may be more affordable, but when it gets damaged or weathered too much, you’ll have to replace it, and that costs a lot. Solid timber simply needs to be resurfaced to restore it back to its original state.

Solid timber is also easier to maintain and clean than lower grade wood. The physical properties of the wood contribute to how well it can resist things like stains and dirt, along with how well it retains odours. Generally, a simple scrub and polish is all you need to keep your solid timber floors shiny and looking brand new.

Termite Resistance

Termites may be the only thing stopping you from getting wooden flooring. After all, what’s the use of spending so much on moderately pricey floors if these pesky insects will make short work of it?

Termite resistance is what separates solid timber from ordinary wooden flooring. Nearly all species used in solid timber flooring are extremely resistant to termite. Flooring made from blackbutt, for example, is amongst the many termite resilient wooden flooring options in the market. They’re a more worthwhile investment thanks to their sheer strength, durability and resistance to termite damage.

Solid timber is a timeless classic, and although many alternative flooring options are in the market, it’s still the flooring choice for many households. It doesn’t just look and feel good under your feet, it’s guaranteed to last a long time too.

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