Starting Your Own Moving Company

Starting Your Own Moving Company

Starting Your Own Moving CompanyPeople collect items of various sizes and importance almost every day, and by the time they have to move to a new location, the Suburban is too small to carry everything. The same is true about businesses, perhaps even more so. The bigger the company, the more things they have to move when the new office or showroom is ready.

For every nine people living in the U.S., one moved to a new address between 2013 and 2014, statistics say. This means the moving business is as healthy as it’s ever been. There’s no reason to doubt your interest in opening a moving company. Here is some advice that might help you.

Learn the business.

You need training, no matter how easy it may seem. Hire at least one other person for the meantime and join them in training. This is for your safety and that of the items you’ll be moving for your clients. It’s a sensitive issue that could get you injured or sued or both, so don’t skip the training.

Set your business apart.

Think you can offer less expensive services than the rest? Think again. The only way to do that is by taking away essentials like insurance. Better offer good quality services for the right price, than lose your business because you took shortcuts and got in trouble. Throw in other services like packing (without the moving), or maybe a partnership with a different business if you have the bandwidth and vehicles (think mail order business, storage, etc.).

Get a vehicle.

You can’t do this without a reliable vehicle. Work your way up from one van to several, and if your business is big enough already, get a truck like a Freightliner for bigger moves. Find a reliable business offering Idaho truck sales and talk to them about a fair deal.

Get permits and insurance.

People trust permits and logos, so make sure to display your permits in your place of business, and print the logos of related associations and government agencies on your trucks if you’re a member or have obtained the permits.

Moving is a big business. From families changing residences, to companies branching out or changing addresses, you will never run out of clients. But that’s only if you set your business apart and offer your clients peace of mind every time.