Surfing the Snowy Slopes: Your Key to Happiness, Study Says


SkiingFor a good excuse to hit the slopes this weekend, there is always your health — particularly your happiness.

Living through 365 days doesn’t guarantee continuous ups; there will always be downs. For those moments when you feel drained or downright depressed, it’s time to strap on your snow skis and visit the mountains for a run., a family-owned ski rental, suggests booking a trip immediately because your happiness cannot wait — you must achieve it as soon as possible.

The Study

A study from South Korea claims that the thrill from a skiing holiday is enough to promote higher levels of happiness — even if you do so occasionally.

A group of researchers from Yonsei University held a survey for 279 visitors at three major ski resorts. According to the study, of all the participants, 112 were snowboarders, 126 were skiers, and 41 participated in both sports. Majority of the participants spent an average of 4.5 days at the resort while 90% less than 5 times a season.

Researchers determined happiness levels by assessing each individual’s sense of pleasure and their level of engagement.

The Results

Findings revealed that the manner participants engaged in the sport (the Flow) offered the greatest impact on their happiness, followed by involvement. The study defined involvement as an individual’s willingness to engage in the activity, which enhances his positive outlook.

Skiers who are very much involved with skiing forgot other aspects of their lives in the slopes. The researchers also discovered that skiers enjoyed higher levels of happiness compared to their snowboarding counterparts.

Lead researcher Hyun-Woo Lea said of the results: “Adult playfulness can influence people’s happiness, while activities and socially convening around a sporting activity, such as skiing, have positive psychological outcomes and contribute to overall well-being.”

Skiing for your Health

Apart from boosting your overall happiness, skiing also offers numerous advantages for your health. For example, the more you ski, the more you improve your spatial awareness. This gives you better balance and coordination on and off the slopes. It can also prevent aging when you strengthen your knees and joints while you ski.

So, if you’re feeling under the weather, look at the bright side — or the snowy side, for that matter. Strap on your boots and ski your way to happiness.

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