Did You Take These Legal Studies Courses? Law Firms May Be Looking For You

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Study OnlineThanks to the Internet, education advocates and technology, skilled workers are able to add certifications and training hours to their credentials.

Legal studies learners can find a wealth of resources online—both in terms of reading materials and actual courses. There are reputable online learning facilities that can give you your certification at your own pace and at more affordable tuition fees.

Once you’ve become a paralegal, you can earn up to $23 an hour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re thinking that you might run out of jobs when you’ve finished your training and certification, the 17% projected job growth in the industry means there will be an even bigger demand in the future.

If you’re one of the many legal assistants looking for a placement with an active law firm, The Center for Legal Studies shares the top three legal studies courses that you should have to gain an edge over the competition:

Paralegal Certification

Getting an online paralegal certification allows people to handle legal cases that do not require appearances in court or other solicitor-level qualifications. This frees up a lot of time for attorneys and can fetch higher pay from law firms and consultancies.

Industry-specific Law Studies

When you want to work for engineering firms, hospitals, construction firms and other specific industries, law courses designed around state business practices and regulations can be a great asset. Most companies hire full-time law workers to save on legal costs.

Conflict Resolution Training

Handling disputes and out-of-court settlements can become one of the most lucrative practices for legal system workers. Add this to your credentials and become the preferred applicant in your next interviews.

Depending on the field you want to work on and who your target clients are, an online paralegal certification and other credentials are available to enhance your career. Just keep in mind that you have to acquire a certificate from a reliable and trusted e-learning facility. Research well and ask colleauges which facilities they prefer.

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