The Most Difficult Part of Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Wedding PlanningA huge part of turning your dream wedding into reality is having it where you’ve always dreamed of. While it is the most important and exciting part of wedding planning, it is also the most difficult.

Most women dream of the prefect wedding, but they also dread the amount of planning that goes into it. Budget, needs, schedule etc.—all these things have to be considered before making arrangements.

It is a given for wedding planning to be difficult. Event planners and Passion Event Center both agree that the most difficult part of it is getting the venue you want, for the following reasons:


People would advise you to avoid getting married on holidays and other special dates. Obviously, these dates are sure to attract more engaged couples.

There are a lot of people waiting to get married and a lot more who want to get hitched on the same day as you—this slims down the chances that your target venue will be available. Moreover, popularity also affects its schedule for use, the more people wanting to hold their event there, the less likelihood of you having it for your own.


If your wedding reception is going to be at a separate venue, then finding one in the same area as the ceremony may limit your options. It is best to take the necessary precautionary steps before jumping into the first nearby place you’ll find. You may need to re-think your requirements and plan on how your guests will get there. Make sure it won’t be difficult for them to move from one venue to another.


The venue is probably the most you have to spend on. If it costs more than you can afford, you will either let it go or stretch your budget. In this light, most will advise to either budget with the venue in mind or find one before going through with the rest of the planning. This way, you can avoid surprise expenses along the way.

Your wedding day is an unforgettable part of your life. This puts pressure on making everything perfect—from the flowers to the wedding reception, and most especially the venue.

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